morgan silver dollars

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The Highly Collectable Morgan Silver Dollars

Whether you are collecting silver coins as a long-term investment, or for the joy of collecting interesting objects, there are some exquisite pieces in existence. Generally, the value in silver coins is limited to the spot price of the metal (the ‘melt price’), but there are some truly valuable coins, made so because of their uniqueness and desirability by collectors. However, it is the very nature of coin collectors that can make this a fickle investment if you are looking beyond the value in weight of the metal.

Most Collectable Coins

Although their value fluctuates quite significantly, it can take decades between rise and falling prices.

One of the most valuable coins is an 1870 seated liberty silver dollar. With only 15 of them ever made, if you find one you could be looking at a windfall of over USD$ 2,000,000. While the more common American Eagle silver dollar has … Read More