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How To Clean Your Hair For A Drug Test

Is it time for your drug test at work? You didn’t stop smoking as you said, did you will? Don’t worry, the technology is going forward and now scientists found an even better solution to this problem instead of experimenting with solutions that are not meant for washing your hair.

The follicle test is impossible to cheat like the other narcotic examinations conducted at the workplace or in a special facility asked by the employer. You need to put a lot of effort into it. The worst part is that this test is able to uncover traces of narcotic use for up to 90 days from the last time you did it. It’s a real job killer as you probably already know that if you fail it, you’ll have to say your position goodbye and it will pretty hard finding another similar job any time soon since your old employer won’t give you a positive recommendation.

Cut to the chase, how do I clean it?

Yes, let’s cut to the chase. For cleaning your hair thoroughly and be sure you have no more drug particles in it that are able to get you caught, you must use the right shampoo and follow some steps while washing with it.

First, it’s best if you stop taking drugs immediately. You will need around 10 days – 14 ideally – to do the right job. This is the time needed for the roots inside your scalp to come out on the surface and become visible for the lab practitioner who will conduct the examination. See some information on how this test is done here.

This is also the time needed for the substances that you’ll use to completely recover your hair and make it healthy toxin-free specimen. If the first step is to stop taking drugs, the second would be – choose the right shampoo for this matter.

What shampoo is this you’re talking about?

We’re talking about the only solution proven to give great results – the Aloe Rid old formula detox shampoo. It’s the best product out there that is able to do some magical stuff for you prior to the test.

As we said, you’ll have to follow a few instructions though. For one, you need to wash with it thoroughly. Don’t miss any spot as all follicles have toxins inside. Also, make sure you reach inside the scalp as deeper as possible. Of course, don’t cut yourself with the nails trying to reach inside the brain. It’s enough to fully massage the scalp so the shampoo is able to reach deep inside and treat everything that’s close to the shaft.

You have to do this at least 10 days, and two weeks would be perfect. Every day, up to 4 times you have to wash with the shampoo making sure you did a good job. After this period of time, you’ll be toxin free and not just from the drug substance buildup in your hair, but from everything else that was there accumulated over time. This is a great solution not just for this occasion but for regular use. See a little more about this shampoo for drug test on the link.

Are you sure this will help?

Of course. Just read the reviews online and see how many satisfied people there are by it. It’s the only solution able to do a proper job. You’ll find a ton of detox shampoos on the market but when you see how their clients were satisfied, you’ll know that you’re only wasting money giving your trust to them.

However, if you want to be absolutely sure that you’ll pass the drug test, you can do some of the alternative methods that lots of people use prior to the examination day and on the very same day. They are pretty unconventional and use some formulas that are not meant for the hair, but they do the job you need. You’ll also probably damage it a lot, but you’ll pass.

Enough delay, what is this method?

The method is called the Macujo. Don’t worry if you never heard about it. It’s better that way. This is a complex method by which you treat your hair for at least 10 days before the big day. You first need to stop taking drugs in order to be sure it will work. Then, you need to buy the ingredients needed for this.

You will need 4 main solutions that you can find online and at the markets. If you search for this on the internet you’ll find many different version of the macujo method all proven to work. We’re telling you about the basic and also the proven way to work.

So, you need 4 solutions. The first 3 you can get from the market. That’s white vinegar, pink clean and clear solution, and Tide detergent for laundry. The last one you’ll have to order online as it’s not probable that you’ll find it anywhere in public – that’s the shampoo we already talked about – the Aloe Rid Old Formula. See some more details about it on this link:

What am I supposed to do with all this?

There’s a strict rule about how you need to apply all this. First, you wet your hair a little and then add the vinegar over it. You massage the scalp with the vinegar. Make sure everything is completely covered. Don’t do this just a little, it’s vinegar, it can’t hurt your hair. Then add the pink Clean and Clear solution over it. Do the same procedure. Leave it for 30 minutes.

Then wash all this with the Aloe Rid. When your hair is clean, wash again with the Tide detergent. It may be a little boring and complicated to do this every day, but it’s a sure way to pass. Make sure you the same on the same day of the testing right before you go there. When you do all this, you will be clean, and you’ll be ready to get negative results.